O.W.L. is a heat treated sphagnum peat

O.W.L. absorbent is successfully used in accidents associated with oil products and chemicals at ports, oil terminals, petrol stations and by rescue services. The company specialists have years of experience in using absorbent, absorbent booms and other products manufactured by O.W.L. for the liquidation of oil and chemical spills, for the design and installation of absorbent filters for the waste-water treatment.

It provides a uniquely effective way of protection of the environment from hydrocarbons and chemical spills. The material is highly absorbent and quickly wipes up spilled oils and other contaminants in seconds. It differs from conventional cleaning materials because it completely absorbs hydrocarbon leaks. It’s cells are empty so that the pollutant is completely encased in the moss structure. Applied to an oil spill – on the ground or in water – O.W.L. cleans up to 100%.

It is non-toxic to humans and the environment

It is completely biodegradable

Does not leave soil, water or groundwater contamination

Can be used thermally

Absolute Efficiency

Absorbs spills completely in seconds

Collects easily and without leaving any any residue

It is universal and easy to use: one solution for many oils, fuels and a wide range of chemicals

Works on all surfaces

Can be economically discorded due to its light weight

Absolute Performance

Has an absorption level of up to 100%

Absorbs up to 8-10 times its weight

Can be reused many times until fully saturated O.W.L. is extremely light, very economical and easy to handle

Encapsulates absorbed substances and does not release them again, even under increased pressure

It is hydrophobic and therefore can be used in water

When used on wet surfaces, the performance of O.W.L. is increased

Comment: Absorption capacity may vary depending on the substance

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