The future will most likely mainly be powered by renewable energy sources like hydropower, bioenergy, solar energy and wind power, but in the process of getting there, society needs a bridge between the technologies of today and the ones of the future.

At Energy Commercial, we are experts with respect to many of the technologies of the future, but also in the bridging technologies and systems that will characterize the professional careers of energy engineers in the coming decades. For instance, several departments conduct cutting-edge research with respect to carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), aspects which will be covered in this master’s programme.

Besides analysing the present and expected future energy systems and technologies, the programme covers the transition between them. With this, we offer world-leading education in technologies for clean and efficient heat and power generation, Carbon capture and storage (such as chemical looping and oxyfuel combustion), optimization and CO2 mitigation of chemical and industrial processes, efficient energy use in buildings, smart power grids for wind and solar power integration and bioenergy. At a system level, we specialize in energy systems modelling and planning and in environmental impact analysis of the energy sector through life cycle analysis, ecological risk and environmental assessments.

Energy is one of Energy Commercial areas of advance and tops the budget list for Energy Commercial strategic research and educational plan. Our faculty consists of world-renowned researchers who are active in the courses. This unique, hands-on and state-of-the-art education in the area of advanced energy technologies and systems provides you with the proficiency needed to undertake energy engineering tasks that assess both technical, environmental and financial aspects. You will be able not only to master current energy systems and technologies but also get a close insight into the ones of the future.

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